Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Pengertian dan Harga Tas

Pengertian dan Harga Tas
The bag is closed containers that can be taken away. The material for making bags include paper, plastic, leather, cloth, and others. Usually used to carry clothes, books, and others. Bag that can be carried on the backs of so-called backpacks, large bags while to load clothes called suitcase (from the Dutch Koffer) .There is also the only box-shaped bag that is usually used by women to bring beauty equipment, usually referred to as beauty or beauty bag case.

Now the bag into one of the industry is very lucrative. The average population in the world, spending most of his money to spend bag. Therefore, entrepreneurs are very keen to develop its business in this bag industry. Now there is a bag made of batik.Modelnya no less interesting than the lainnya.Selain bags, these bags are attractive to own style that can attract the attention of consumers.

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